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  Last Update 2 March 2008     

 ControlLogix System

 ControlLogix Platform

ControlLogix brings together the benefits of the Logix platform - common programming environment, common networks, common control engine - to provide the high-performance your application requires in an easy-to-use environment. Tight integration between the programming software, controller and I/O reduces development time and cost at commissioning and during normal operation.

With memory options ranging up to 8MB, ControlLogix controllers support intensive process applications and provide fast processing of motion instructions in a single integrated solution.

ControlLogix provides modular network communications that let you purchase only what you need. Interface using ControlLogix communication modules via a ControlLogix gateway, without the need for a processor in the gateway chassis, or interface directly to a ControlLogix processor.

The ControlLogix solution also provides time synchronization capabilities, which is useful in first fault and process sequencing applications especially.

ControlLogix offers two different controllers for the ControlLogix platform. Both fit within a single slot in the ControlLogix backplane, but they provide different capacity, performance, and capabilities.




Logix556x Family

  • 1756-L61 (2 MB),
    1756-L62 (4 MB),
    1756-L63 (8 MB)

  • Fixed RAM memory size

  • 250 I/O connections

  • Local / Remote Battery Backup (1756-BATM)

  • Socket for CompactFlash memory card for non-volatile storage

  • Built-in floating point math co-processor

  • 200% increase in ladder performance over Logix5555

  • 400 to 500% increase in motion and function block performance over Logix5555

Logix5555 Family

  • 250 I/O connections

  • Must use with memory card

  • 750K, 1.5M, 3.5M, and 7.5MByte RAM memory cards

  • 750K, 1.5M, 3.5M RAM / Flash NVS storage combo memory cards

  • Local / Remote battery backup (1756-BATM)

  • Forced LED

Compact Flash Card

Combination ControlLogix Controller and SERCOS Interface Motion Module

  • Combines 1756-L6x controller with 3-axis SERCOS interface in two-slot ControlLogix module
  • Ideal for ControlLogix integrated motion in applications with a low number of axes
  • Control three axes of ControlLogix integrated motion; up to six axes total with another motion interface module in the ControlLogix rack
  • 750Kbytes memory size
  • Thirty-eight motion instructions available
  • SERCOS interface simplifies system integration and commissioning with its fiber optic, SERCOS interface digital drive connectivity, and catalog number driven configuration
  • CompactFlash memory socket

Tight integration between the I/O, programming software, and controller reduces development time and cost at commissioning and during normal operation.

During commissioning, ControlLogix I/O allows you to be more productive:

  • RSLogix 5000 software provides diagnostic screens so you can configure, diagnose, and fine tune the system

  • An analog I/O module wizard allows you to configure each channel, including range selection, alarming, filtering and scaling, without mechanical switches or jumpers

  • A digital I/O wizard allows each discrete channel to be configured independently for change-of-state input behavior and output state during a fault

During normal operation, ControlLogix I/O modules help keep your systems up and running:

  • Both standard and specialty modules offer fault detection (self-diagnosing) at the module-level

  • RSLogix 5000 provides I/O monitor and fault data

  • Electronic keying assures that a module replacement is the correct type and revision

  • The exact match option guarantees that a replaced module is an exact match, critical for agency certified pharmaceutical and other applications

  • The compatible keying option allows replacing a module with one that is identical except for revision level, without immediately reconfiguring the entire system

  • Selectable time-stamping of control and diagnostic data helps measure process improvement

  • Producer/consumer technology decreases traffic and increases bandwidth

  • Diagnostic modules detect broken wire, loss of field power and no-load conditions

  • Pulsed testing of diagnostic outputs allows pre-emptive detection of field-side failures

  • You can request module identification data

  • Flash memory allows module firmware upgrades to be performed by the end-user

  • Electronic fusing on select modules allows resetting via software

Flexible Termination Optionss

A Wide Selection of I/O

  • Isolated and non-isolated digital I/O, including 120VAC, 120/240VAC, 24V dc, TTL, electronically fused and relay outputs, sink/source capabilities

  • Field side diagnostic digital I/O, including 120 vac and 24V dc

  • Isolated and non-isolated analog I/O

  • Temperature sensing inputs, including thermocouple and RTD

  • Specialty I/O, including high speed counter, programmable limit switch submillisecond fast-analog I/O, current-sourcing analog inputs to power two-wire transmitters and configurable flow meter modules with totalization and prover

  • Hydraulics interface module for Linear Displacement Transducers enhances the integrated motion solution for applications including sawmill and metal forming.

  • Sequence of Event (SOE) input modules provide first fault event detection with submillisecond resolution

CompactLogix controllers communicate to other Logix controllers and PanelView operator interfaces over NetLinx-based (link to NetLinx site on ab.com) networks or over traditional Allen-Bradley DH-485 networks. CompactLogix's full-duplex master/remote communications capabilities provide SCADA application support.

For advanced real-time control and information capabilities:

  • connect to an Ethernet network through the integrated port on the CompactLogix 1769-L35E controller or by using our EtherNet/IP interface (1761-NET-ENI). The 1761-NET-ENI EtherNet/IP interface is a less expensive alternative means of connection that provides peer-to-peer and program upload/download capabilities.
  • connect to a ControlNet network through the integrated port on the 1769-L32C or -L35CR controllers.
  • connect any CompactLogix controller to a DeviceNet network using the 1769-SDN module

ControlLogix Programming

RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series software is designed to work with the Rockwell Automation Logix platforms: ControlLogix®, CompactLogix®, FlexLogix®, SoftLogix5800® and DriveLogix®. With RSLogix™ 5000 Enterprise Series software, you need only one software package for sequential, process, drive, and motion control programming.

The RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series environment offers an easy-to-use, IEC61131-6 compliant interface, symbolic programming with structures and arrays, and a comprehensive instruction set that serves many types of applications. It supports relay ladder, structured text, function block diagram, and sequential function chart editors for you to develop application programs.

Additionally, RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series provides support for the S88 equipment phase state model for batch and machine control applications via the PhaseManager™ optional feature.

RSLogix 5000 Enterprise Series software also includes axis configuration and programming support for motion control.

Your selection of modules and network configuration determines what software packages you need to configure and program your system.


System Requirements
To use RSLogix 5000 software effectively, your personal computer must meet the following hardware and software requirements.

Description Value
 personal computer   Celeron / Pentium 4 or better
 software requirements

  Supported operating systems:

  • Microsoft Windows XP Pro or XP Home

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 1, 2, or 3

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003

  • Microsoft Windows Vista

RAM   256 Mbytes of RAM minimum
  512 Mbytes of RAM recommended
hard disk space   100 Mbytes of free hard disk space (or more based on application requirements)
video requirements   800 x 600 minimum resolution (True Color 1024 x 768 recommended)
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