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1761-NET-DNI photo

Making Distributed Intelligence an Affordable, Practical Reality

MicroLogix micro-PLCs extend the benefits of distributed control to the device level of your process with the addition of DeviceNet functionality.

DeviceNet digitally links push buttons, sensors, actuators, PLCs and other industrial devices. It reduces the installation and maintenance costs of multiple discrete wires with a single cable that handles both communications and power distribution.

 The new DeviceNet Interface (DNI) brings the fast response, low cost and reliability of open DeviceNet connectivity to all fourteen models of economical MicroLogix controllers.

MicroLogix on DeviceNet lets you take advantage of the latest advances in communications. DeviceNet uses “producer/consumer” technology, new networking technology that significantly reduces the amount of “traffic” on the network, thus improving efficiency and data throughput. As a result, information gets “across” the network quicker.


FeaturesDNI on DeviceNet

  • Operation of MicroLogix controllers functioning as slave nodes

  • Mixing of high speed local control with distributed DeviceNet I/O

  • Peer-to-peer messaging between MicroLogix, SLC 5/03, 5/04, 5/05, PLC-5s, PCs and other devices using the DF1 full-duplex protocol

  • Programming and on-line monitoring over the DeviceNet network

  • With a DNI connected to a modem, you can “dial in” to any other DNI-Controller combination on DeviceNet

  • With the DNI, the controller’s program can be completely independent of the network. A “generic” program can be written in the controller, because all DeviceNet configuration information is stored in the DNI. This significantly reduces user program management issues, because you don’t need a separate program for each node on the network.

Advanced Slave I/O Functionality

Through the DNI, MicroLogix controllers can function as cost-effective DeviceNet slave nodes. The DNI presents to DeviceNet up to 32 words of data (16 inputs, 16 outputs, configurable). The DNI can either poll or accept data sent from the MicroLogix to keep its mapped I/O data up-to-date with the actual data in the controller, while the DNI handles all DeviceNet communications.


With the DNI, MicroLogix controllers can be on DeviceNet networks with other DeviceNet compatible products like FLEX I/O, SLC 500s and PCs. Here the DNI is also used to link a laptop PC running RSLogix 500 into DeviceNet.


The I/O remains under the MicroLogix CPU’s direct control, yet can be visible to the DeviceNet master.

The DNI can respond to polling from a master on the network. Or, to preserve bandwidth, it can support change of state (COS) connections, producing data only when its state changes.


DNI Data

Simple and Reliable Peer-to-Peer Messaging

The DNI brings brand-new functionality to DeviceNet by enabling peer-to-peer messaging between devices that use the DF1 full-duplex protocol.

The DNI takes the DF1 full-duplex commands, wraps them in the DeviceNet protocol and sends them to the target DNI. The target DNI removes the DeviceNet information and passes the DF1 command to the end device.


This capability works between controllers, between PCs and controllers and for program up/downloading. I/O and data messages are prioritized, which minimizes I/O determinism problems typically encountered on networks that support I/O and messaging simultaneously.



  24V dc Power Source Requirement

  11 to 25 V dc

  Current Draw

  0 to 200 mA
  400 mA maximum inrush current
  (30 msec, max.)

  Internal Isolation

  500 V dc

  Operating Ambient Temperature

  0 to +60C (+32F to +140F)

  Storage Temperature

  -40 to +85C (-40F to +175F)

  Agency Certification

  UL 1604
  C-UL C22.2 No. 213
  Class 1, Division 2,
  Groups A,B,C,D
  CE compliant for all applicable directives


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