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  DH-485 Network Capability 

The MicroLogix family of micro-PLC's comes with network connectivity using the DH-485 peer-to-peer network. DH-485 is the same network used by all of Allen-Bradley's popular SLC™ 500 programmable controllers. The DH-485 network offers:


  • intercommunication of up to 32 devices

  • peer-to-peer capability

  • the ability to add or remove nodes without disrupting the network

  • maximum network length of 1219m (4000 ft), can be extended to 2438m (8000 ft) with 2 AIC+ units

To connect a MicroLogix controller to a DH-485 network, use the AIC+ (Advanced Interface Converter) to bridge the RS-232 port to the DH-485 network.


The peer-to-peer network capability of the MicroLogix line means any of these micro-controllers on a DH-485 network can initiate or respond to communications with any other device on the network. With the ability to initiate communications, any MicroLogix controller can serve as a single "initiator" (also referred to as a "master" or "parent") on the network.

What's more, DH-485 peer-to-peer capability keeps network traffic at a minimum, by allowing each micro to initiate unsolicited communications. This eliminates the need for a dedicated "initiator" controller, which can tie up the network with constant polling of the "responder" (also referred to as "slave" or "child") controllers. Most competitive micros have "initiator" or "responder" functionality only, meaning they can only respond to interrogation from a single "initiator" controller.


You can create an all-MicroLogix network for distributed control with up to 32 nodes, enabling controllers to exchange program information such as data, counter and timer pre-sets, etc. You can include other devices running DH-485 as well, like operator interface products (DTAM Micro, DTAM+ PanelView 550 and 900), bar code products and drives on this all-micro network. Also, a single personal computer can program all of the MicroLogix units on the network.


You may also add MicroLogix controllers to any of the multitude of established or planned SLC 500 DH-485 networked systems. This allows for the use of very cost-effective dedicated micro-controllers on small machines, while continuing to enable the exchange of data with the SLC 500 processors on the network.

DH-485 Connectivity and Device Isolation

The 1761-NET-AIC networking device provides DH-485 network access from any DH-485 compatible device that has a RS-232 port, including all MicroLogix controllers, SLC 5/03 and 5/04, and PanelView 550 and 900. In addition, the device provides isolation between all ports for a more stable network and protection for connected devices.

The unit is DIN rail or panel mountable and is industrially hardened. A variety of cables are provided for easy connectivity between the AIC+ and other Allen-Bradley products.


  • two isolated RS-232 connections (one 9-pin D-shell and one 8-pin mini DIN)
  • a RS-485 6-pin Phoenix connection
  • accepts power via 8-pin Mini DIN from the MicroLogix 1000 or an external power connection
  • compatibile with existing SLC DH-485 networks that use 1747-AIC's
  • auto baud rate capability for ease of system set-up
  • diagnostic LEDs for monitoring port and network activity

Typical Applications

  • Connecting MicroLogix 1000 micro-PLCs to a DH-485 network
  • Connecting the RS-232 port of an SLC 5/03 or 5/04 Processor to a DH-485 network
  • Connecting a personal computer to a DH-485 network
  • Extending DH-485 networks to 2,438 meters (8,000 ft)
  • Connecting a three node DH-485 network using two RS-232 devices and one DH-485 device (SLC 500 Fixed, 5/01, 5/02, etc)



24Vdc Power Source Requirement

20.4 - 28.8Vdc

Current Draw

120mA 200mA maximum inrush current

Internal Isolation (see below)


Operating Ambient Temperature

-0 to 60 C (32 to 140F)

Agency Certification

UL 508
CSA C222
CE compliant for all applicable directives

DH-485 or DF1

max. number of nodes=
max. length=
max. number of "ganged" multidrop networks=


32 per multidrop network
1,219m (4,000 ft per multidrop network)

Isolation Between All Ports and Power Supply Terminals

Mounting Dimensions




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