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Ethernet Connectivity for MicroLogix Controllers

The 1761-NET-ENI provides Ethernet connectivity for all SLC, MicroLogix, and CompactLogix controllers and other DF1 full-duplex devices. The ENI helps you easily connect these controllers onto new or existing Ethernet networks and upload/download programs, communicate between controllers, and generate email messages via SMTP (simple mail transport protocol).

As with other MicroLogix communication devices, the ENI can be powered via the RS-232 communications cable when attached to a MicroLogix controller, or externally with 24V dc when connected to other DF1 full duplex devices. It can be DIN-rail mounted, or panel mounted to meet your installation requirements.


NEW Series D Enhancements

The series D has been updated with a new Ethernet communications processor and several ease-of-use features. In addition to the features of previous versions, Series D provides:

  • Added the capability for configuration via Ethernet, with a Configuration Security Mask provision.

  • Ability to force Ethernet to 10 Mbps or 100 Mbps and half-duplex or full-duplex. (default is still Auto Negotiate).

  • Added an optional Username and Password fields for Email authentication.

  • Added a new Diagnostics web page that displays a list of current Ethernet connections.

  • Updated the ENIW web pages to more closely conform to the style used on other RA web-enabled products (more like 1756-EWEB module pages).

Series B Enhancements

The 1761-NET-ENI, series B:

  • Lets any device that can initiate a CIP data table read or write on an EtherNet/IP link through a 1761-NET-ENI/B (e.g., PanelView, ControlLogix, RSLinx) access a Logix processor data table. This eliminates the requirement of mapping PLC/SLC file numbers to Logix tag names.

  • Provides more functional integration with CompactLogix processors by eliminating the need for an additional ENI in CompactLogix systems to communicate with RSLogix 5000 (1761-NET-ENI/A requires an additional ENI at the PC running the programming package for communication with RSLogix 5000).

  • Incorporates several data handling improvements, such as additional buffering and increased message queues and provides more robust communications at increased throughput rates. In general, ENI series B users should expect upload/download times to be about 33% longer than transferring the same file over DF1.

ENI and ENIW series B and series C firmware can be upgraded in the field by downloading the Upgrade Utility.

The ENI series A firmware cannot be upgraded in the field. For information on upgrading your ENI series A unit to series B

Series C Enhancements

The 1761-NET-ENI, series C:

  • Provides 10/100 Mbps EtherNet/IP capability, which results in significant upload/download performance improvements. Performance tests indicate that with a 100 Mbps EtherNet/IP connection and a 38.4 Kbaud serial connection, upload/download times are typically half as long as with Series B units.

  • Due to RSLinx EtherNet /IP driver efficiency, Series C upload/download times are typically 15-30 percent faster than a direct 38.4 Kbaud serial connection.

  • Provides improved performance access for Allen-Bradley SLC 500, MicroLogix, and CompactLogix controller platforms.

  • Is included as an upgrade option in the Step Forward Program. This offer presents users of Series A or B units with a credit incentive when upgrading to a Series C product.

General Features

  • Program upload/download – Upload or download user programs over Ethernet using the ENI. The only requirement is that you use RSLinx version 2.20 SP2 or newer.

  • Peer-to-Peer communication – The ENI allows the attached controller to initiate or receive messages with other controllers. The controllers can be connected directly to Ethernet like the SLC 5/05, Ethernet PLC-5, or ControlLogix processors, or with other ENIs (MicroLogix, SLC 5/03, CompactLogix, etc.).

  • Email communication – The ENI enables a controller to send an ASCII string to an Email address. Send production data, alarms, or other status information to any computer, cell phone, or pager capable of receiving an Email message. This feature requires a valid SMTP Email server (Simple Mail Transport Protocol). SMTP servers are readily available via Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

  • EtherNet/IP compatibility – The ENI uses the open EtherNet /IP protocol. This industry standard open protocol provides inter device compatibility. The ENI can exchange information with other A-B Ethernet controllers (SLC, PLC, CompactLogix, FlexLogix and ControlLogix) in a peer-to-peer relationship, so you don’t need any master type device.

  • Easy to configure – The ENI can be configured via messages from the attached controller, or via the ENI utility, a free Windows-based configuration package.

  • 10 base-T port with embedded LEDs – Use any standard RJ Ethernet cable to connect to your network. This minimizes connection problems and improves startup. Embedded LEDs provide easy to see link and transmit/receive status.

  • Isolated mini-DIN RS-232 port – The RS-232 port provides isolation and will auto baud on power up to detect the communications port setting of the attached controller. Supported baud rates include 2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2k and 38.4k. This autobaud feature can also be disabled if desired.

  • Small and compact – The ENI uses the same packaging as the AIC+ and DNI communication interfaces. This packaging is rugged and can be either panel or DIN rail mounted.

Typical Configurations

Sample Ethernet Network

PC Connected to Ethernet via the ENI or ENIW

The ENI/ENIW can also be used to connect a computer’s RS-232 port to EtherNet/IP and allow program upload and download and online sessions with a maximum of four EtherNet/IP devices. (Note: The ENI/ENIW limits the number of outgoing connections to four).


10 Base-T (RJ45) Port

10M Hz (ENI/ENIW Series A & B)

100 Base-T (RJ45) Port

10/100M Hz(ENI/ENIW Series C)

RS-232C Port

2400, 4800, 9600, 19.2k, 38.4k baud


IEC801-2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Power Consumption

100mA @ 24V dc

Temperature (operation / storage)

0 to 60°C / -40 to 85°C

Operating Humidity

55% to 95% non condensing

Standards and Regulatory Approvals

UL, C-UL, CE, Class I Div 2


Mounting Dimensions

Mounting Dimensions


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