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Allen-Bradley "MicroLogix 1200" Controller

MicroLogix 1200 Controller
High functionality in a cost-effective package.

The MicroLogix 1200 packaged controllers address the market trend for micro-PLCs with a small footprint and high functionality.
More powerful and flexible than ever, this family of small, cost-effective micro-controllers can expand up to 136 I/O. With the addition dc powered controllers that provide a 20 kHz PTO (Pulse Train Output) or PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) output for inexpensive stepper or servo motor control, six new discrete and analog I/O modules, and six new features with the Micrologix 1200 series C controllers, you can use the MicroLogix 1200 family to solve more applications than ever before. MicroLogix 1200R controllers offer a second comm. port for enhanced communications functionality.

So if you ’re looking for a small, feature-rich, flexible and cost-effective control solution, the MicroLogix 1200 family of micro-controllers is your answer.

Features and Benefits
• 24-I/O and 40-I/O
• High speed I/O: 20 kHz HSC,20 kHz PTO/PWM output
• Expansion to 136 I/O for greater application flexibility
• Six new discrete and analog expansion I/O modules to solve even more applications
• Full ASCII (read/write)capability
• Large non-volatile 6K memory
• Several communication options to solve applications from peer-to-peer to device level to SCADA/RTU
• Real time clock and memory modules
• Compatibility with MicroLogix and SLC 500 instruction set and RSLogix 500 software

Series C Enhancements
• Floating Point Data – provides large numbers from -3.4028 x 1038 to +3.4028 x 1038 ±1.17549 x 10-38 for even more accurate data when using Compare, Math, Move, File, and Communication instructions
• Programmable Limit Switch (PLS) function – lets you configure the High Speed Counter to operate as a programmable limit switch or rotary cam switch
• Copy Word (CPW) instruction – copies words of data, in ascending order, from a source location to a destination location. The data can be the same type or different (i.e., Integer to Integer or Integer to Floating Point, etc.). Example: The Copy Word instruction can be used in ladder logic to allow an operator interface (like a PanelView) to adjust the controller's real time clock for day light savings time.
• Real Time Clock Adjust (RTA) instruction – synchronizes the controller's Real Time Clock with an external source (such as a timing beacon, etc.). The RTA instruction will adjust the RTC to the nearest minute.
• Gray Code (GCD) instruction – converts Gray code data to an integer value - no need to write conversion routines in ladder, thus saving programming memory
• Absolute Value (ABS) instruction – takes the absolute value of the source and places it in the destination. The data range for this instruction is -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,647 or IEEE-754 floating point value. Important: These enhancements are added to Series B or earlier controllers through a firmware upgrade. This upgrade is not required, except to access the new features. To use the new features, your controller’s firmware and software should be at the following levels: MicroLogix 1200, Series C, Revision A, FRN 4 (download firmware upgrade), RSLogix 500 version 5.00

MicroLogix 1200R controllers
The MicroLogix 1200R controller has all of the advanced features of the Series C controller with the following additional functionality and benefits.
• A Programming / Human Machine Interface (HMI) port in addition to the Channel 0 port: provides an inexpensive means of providing an extra port that can be used for programming using a personal computer with Rockwell Software RSLogix 500 software, or connecting an operator interface device to your controller.
• Increased application flexibility
• Reduced system cost: enables users to directly connect a local HMI, allowing the other port to be used for networking, modem connection, programming and other devices
• Requires no configuration: DF1 Full Duplex port that has the same parameters as Channel 0 when it is in its “Default Comms” configuration
• Respond Only: Messaging is not available; it communicates by responding to communications initiated from the device attached to it

MicroLogix 1100 and MicroLogix 1200 Expansion I/O
Superior Functionality at a Low Cost

MicroLogix 1100 and 1200 I/O expansion modules provide superior functionality at a low cost. With a variety of modules, they complement and extend the capabilities of the MicroLogix 1100 controllers by maximizing flexibility of the I/O count and type.

MicroLogix 1100 and 1200 I/O has a modular, rackless design. Elimination of the I/O rack from the system enhances cost savings and reduces replacement parts inventory.
The MicroLogix 1100 and 1200 I/O package design allows modules to be either DIN rail or panel mounted. The DIN latches and screw mounting holes are an integral part of the package design.

See the MicroLogix 1100 product catalog and the 1200 product catalog for available expansion modules.

• Rackless design, eliminating added system costs and inventory
• Small footprint, shrinking panel space
• Integral high-performance I/O bus
• Software keying to prevent incorrect positioning within the system
• Feature-rich I/O functionality addresses a wide range of applications
• ac/dc relay, 24V dc, and 120V ac voltages

Expansion Modules System Qualifier
Use the Expansion Modules System Qualifier tool to calculate the current consumption of your MicroLogix 1200 expansion I/O system and determine whether or not an expansion power supply is necessary.


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