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SLC500 System

Power and Flexibility for a Complete Control Solution
The Allen-Bradley SLC 500 is Rockwell Automation's small, chassis-based, modular family of programmable controllers and I/O. The SLC's smaller size means that you can use an SLC in applications where you can't afford the size and overhead of a traditional, full-size PLC. With its multiple processor choices, numerous power supply options and extensive I/O capacity, the modular SLC 500 controller allows you to create a system specifically designed for your application.

The SLC 500 was one of the first full-featured small controllers on the market, and it remains the gold standard in small logic controllers more than a decade after its introduction. In fact, the SLC 500 provides cost-effective, reliable control in hundreds of thousands of applications around the world -- everything from amusement park rides to pharmaceutical and food processes.

Choice of Controllers

The SLC 500 line offers a range of choices in memory, I/O capacity, instruction set, and communication ports to allow you to tailor a control system to your exact application requirements. These products have a strong reliability history covering hundreds of thousands of installations in a broad range of applications.

SLC 5/01 processors let you configure modular controllers of up to 960 I/O and a 1K- or 4K-instruction memory capacity.
SLC 5/02 processors let you configure modular controllers of up to 4096 inputs plus 4096 outputs nominally and a 4K-instruction memory. By installing an optional scanner module into one of the 30 I/O module slots, you can add Remote I/O or DeviceNet I/O to the system. They offer 19 additional instructions, including a message instruction for initiating peer-to peer communication.
SLC 5/03 processors let you configure modular controllers of up to 4096 inputs plus 4096 outputs and a memory of 8K or 16K words. In addition to the features of the SLC 5/02, they have a second built-in communication port — an RS-232-C port that can be configured for ASCII or DF1 protocol, and can be configured for connection to a 1761-NET-AIC converter to provide access to a DH-485 network.
SLC 5/03 processors provide bit-instruction execution times of 0.44ms and an overall system throughput of up to 10 times faster than competitive processors. Additional capabilities include: floating-point math, online programming and run-time editing, flash memory upgrades, built-in key-switch, and a built-in real-time clock and calendar.
SLC 5/04 processors let you configure modular controllers of up to 4096 inputs plus 4096 outputs and a memory of either 16K, 32K, or 64K words. They have all the features of the SLC 5/03 processors, plus a faster communication port and shorter execution times (bit-instruction execution times of 0.37ms). Instead of a DH-485 port, the SLC 5/04 has a built-in DH+ port for communication with other SLC 5/04 and PLC processors, operator interfaces, and programming terminals. Communication via the DH+ network is three times faster than DH-485 communication.
SLC 5/05 processors provide high bandwidth networking for standards-based distributed programmable controller systems. They have all of the features of the SLC 5/04 processors, but instead of a DH+ port they provide a 10BASE-T 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connectivity to the popular SLC 500 family. Through Ethernet networks, SLC 5/05 processors can communicate plant-floor data in data acquisition, supervisory control, program management, statistical quality control, maintenance management, production scheduling, and material tracking applications.

Broad Capabilities
• Simple and affordable processors with broad capabilities to address applications such as material handling, HVAC control, assembly operations, small process control, and SCADA applications
• Advanced instruction set based on PLC-5 mid-size processors
• Broad line of digital and analog I/O modules, including intelligent I/O modules and including I/O modules available from third-party (Encompass™ program) vendors
• Each SLC 500 or SLC 5/01 processor has a DH-485 port for programming and processor-to-processor communication initiated from the other node
SLC 5/02, SLC 5/03, SLC 5/04 and SLC 5/05 processors have communication ports (Ethernet, DH+, DH-485, or RS-232-C) that can initiate communication
• Add Universal Remote I/O with a 1747-SN scanner module
• Add DeviceNet I/O with a 1747-SDN scanner module
• Add BASIC or C programming capability with a 1747-BAS module


RSLogix 500™ Programming Software
RSLogix 500, a Microsoft® 32-bit Windows 95® and Windows NT® programming software package, supports Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and MicroLogix families of processors. RSLogix 500 is designed to offer powerful functionality, superior diagnostics, reliable communications, and an easy to use interface.

RSLogix 500 provides everything you expect in a programming software package, from consolidated project view to drag-and-drop editing. Plus, RSLogix 500 is part of the RSLogix family of products that share:
• A common user interface and feature set
• Flexible, easy-to-use editors
• Point-and-click I/O configuration
• Powerful database editor
• Diagnostic and troubleshooting tools
• Dependable communications

Standards and Specifications

The 1746 I/O platform is a modular hardware design that uses a cost and space effective means to add I/O modules to your control system. I/O modules are available in a variety of densities including 4, 8, 16, and 32 point and can interface to AC, DC, and TTL voltage levels.

The SLC 500 family also offers specialty I/O modules that enhance your control system. These modules range from analog, motion control, and communication to provide a unique, easy to use interface between the modules and the processor.

• Ethernet
• ControlNet
• DeviceNet
• DH+
• DH 485
• RS-232-C

Standards Compliance
• ISO 9000 Registration: Rockwell Automation facilities are registered to ISO 9001 standards. Our quality system for design, development, manufacture, delivery, and internal customer service processes has been verified by third party audits.
• Marine Certification: SLC 500 controllers have been certified for use in marine and offshore applications around the world by Lloyd's Register, American Bureau of Shipping, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, Registoro Italiano Navale, Germanischer Lloyd, and the Korean Registry.
• UL Certification: Generally Rockwell Automation pursues applicable certification by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for our products. For actual UL recognition of a specific controller, always refer to the label on the product.
• CSA Certification: Generally Rockwell Automation ursues applicable certification by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) for our products. For actual CSA recognition of a specific controller, always refer to the label on the product.
• European Union Directives: Rockwell Automation products covered by European Union Directives are intended for sale and use within the European market and conform with the essential requirements of these directives. For actual CE conformity of a specific controller, always refer to the label on the product.

Total I/O capacity (absolute maximum)
SLC 500 = 104 I/O with expansion chassis SLC 5/01 = 960 I/O SLC 5/02 = 480 local I/O + remote I/O SLC 5/03, 5/04, 5/05 = 4096 I/O
I/O module types
4-I/O, 8-I/O, 12-I/O, 16-I/O, and 32-I/O modules input-only, output-only, and combination input/output modules Analog and digital I/O circuits compatible I/O modules
I/O chassis
I/O chassis information
Power supply
Power supply information
Memory capacity
SLC 500 = 1K instructions SLC 5/01 = 1K or 4K instructions SLC 5/02 = 4K instructions SLC 5/03 = 8K or 16K words SLC 5/04, 5/05 = 16K, 32K, or 64K words
Memory type
Battery-backed RAM, EPROM, or EEPROM
SLC 5/01, 5/02, 5/03, 5/04, 5/05: 1747-BA
Communication ports
SLC 500, SLC 5/01, SLC 5/02 = DH-485SLC 5/03 = DH-485 and RS-232-CSLC 5/04 = DH+ and RS-232-CSLC 5/05 = Ethernet and RS-232-C
Programming devices
-RSLogix 500 Programming Software
-RSLogix Emulate Software


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